Brave Hearts Story

I have been breeding dogs for the past 25 years. In the beginning I would breed an occasional litter of German Shepherds and or Yorkies. Most of my puppies went to family and friends. Once our children were grown more time could be devoted to my fur family and their babies. I have chosen breeds that I enjoy the most and ones that don’t aggravate my dog allergies. Some people think breeding dogs is easy, put them together and you get puppies. That will most likely happen, but to be able to offer a loving, healthy, and happy puppy it takes much more then that. It takes lots of time, commitment, and knowledge. Breeding dogs takes a continuous dedication and total commitment. If you are going to be able to offer that perfect puppy, one you can be proud of, you have to put your fur family first. My most challenging responsibility is to make certain that my fur family has a great quality of life, plenty of physical and mental stimulation, and the best health care possible. Breeding dogs is a 24/7/365 commitment for me.